A group of animators at Iganga Epicenter in Uganda prepare for a moringa demonstration (Rebke Klokke 2017)

This year’s World Food Day theme — “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together” meets my favorite standard: it’s clear, finite and confrontable. That’s good, because our current food system is not meeting all four of those goals. It is up to all of us to understand and transform that system.

The prevailing…

By Dr. John Coonrod, Executive Vice President, The Hunger Project

A community leader at Kissamey Epicenter speaks during a training in 2017 (THP, 2017).

The number one lesson of the current pandemic is that there is only one proven pathway to achieving the SDGs and that is to Shift the Power — to shift public resources and decision-making power to local communities.

There is…

The Hunger Project

Empowering women and men across Africa, South Asia & Latin America to end their own hunger and poverty since 1977. Visit www.thp.org for more.

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