More Than Four Decades of Dedication: The Roundys

The Hunger Project
2 min readApr 12, 2024


By Andrea Arkow, Senior Officer, Investor Programs, The Hunger Project

George and Jolie Roundy

George Roundy was first introduced to The Hunger Project at a seminar in 1980. Captivated by the idea that he, a 23-year-old single father living in Phoenix, AZ, could contribute to ending global hunger, George signed on to become a “Financial Family” monthly investor. More than forty years ago, he committed to budget a contribution to The Hunger Project every month.

To this day, George and his wife, Jolie, also an early Hunger Project volunteer leader, continue their monthly investments, viewing it as an integral part of their identity. George shared, “For Jolie and me, it’s been a place to stand as global citizens and really be a partner with all of humanity and to have a transformation in the quality of life happen. That’s what I love about Financial Family, it gives me a chance every month to re-up my commitment and make that investment.”

Jolie and George first met through their leadership roles in the early days of The Hunger Project. While George was on staff at The Hunger Project in San Francisco, Jolie spearheaded educational sessions called Ending Hunger Briefings in San Diego. George and Jolie were married in downtown San Francisco, with fellow THP staff members as their witnesses. During his six years on staff, George built the systems to run Financial Family and other development initiatives.

Eventually, George and Jolie relocated to Phoenix, where George immersed himself in entrepreneurship within the tech industry and provided consultancy services for spiritually- and mission-driven organizations. Despite his diverse pursuits, The Hunger Project remained a constant focus, with George continuously seeking avenues to enhance resources and support for the organization.

“The approach that THP takes works — it’s proven, it’s holistic, it’s done from a place of dignity and respect, supporting people in lifting themselves up. And that’s what I want to promote, that happening on a broader scale.”

-George Roundy

Since our inception, The Hunger Project has relied on committed investors like George and Jolie Roundy, who have stood alongside global partners in realizing the possibility of a world without hunger. Deeply rooted in The Hunger Project’s history, they remain vital partners in shaping the organization’s present and future.